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Our Mission 

Our mission is to tell stories in multiple mediums and to create a space for conversation, thought and entertainment. Some of our core values that make us who we are include engaging with the community/ community outreach, creating a safe space to explore tough questions, exciting adventures and life perspectives of a multitude of people, and creating a collaborative space for every person involved.


Whale Fall

Whale Fall follows four estranged siblings connected only by their mother. Morgan is the oldest daughter from a pregnancy when Mom was in college. She was given up for adoption but had little contact and knew just the idea of her mother. Gwen is the next oldest, a step-daughter from a previous relationship, Mom helped raise her from five and left when she was six. She is the maternal one of the group who arranges the dinner, or should we say feast, for all the siblings to come together and remember Mom. Cordelia is the closest child to mom and adopted. Lastly we have Trent, the youngest child who is a product of an egg donation.  Mom was a marine biologist who studied whales and the ocean ecosystem. She was adventurous, fun and a free spirit. She has only been gone for a month. Gwen in her grieving, tracked down all the siblings and invited them to dinner at her home. Whale Fall is what happens at dinner when the siblings are finally together processing the death of their mom and her impact on their lives.

Cast and Creatives 

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Maddi Pearl Price 

Producing Artistic Director/Director 

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Ryan Honeywell

Director Of Photography

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Carlos A. Aparicio


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Cashmere Monique


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Breshena Crosby


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Trinity Ehrhart


Community Outreach 

A way that we want to stay true with our community outreach is to highlight an organization that correlates with each of our projects. For Whale Fall, we wanted to highlight The WARM Place located in Fort Worth Tx. The acronym WARM stands for “What About Remembering Me?”  The WARM Place's mission is “to help children throughout the grieving process to find hope after the death of a loved one. We act as a companion along their grief journey, offering love, support, encouragement, and community.” Bright Spot Collaborative feels this aligns perfectly with the story of Whale Fall. A link to their website  is located in our helping the community tab.


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